A range of traditionally prepared farm fresh meat products


Quality providers to supermarkets and private retailers

Home Delivery

Check back in with us from 1st January 2014 when we will start delivering to your home or office!

Festival Gourmet provide a range of easy to prepare products that bring gourmet eating into your home. All our food is delicious and healthy too! Enjoy the food festivity that is Festival Gourmet!

Festival Gourmet is convenient and easy to prepare so that you can have a nutritional, balanced meal that takes no more than 20 minutes to make! It’s perfectly packaged to suit individuals, couples and families. For those that are busy but still want a gourmet experience at meal times….. Festival Gourmet can deliver on all of your culinary desires.

We value healthy eating and healthy living and continually strive to deliver the best product to our customer possible. We have a committed team who ensure the research and development of our product is cutting edge and is what our customer’s want.

Our products are available in selected retail outlets and for greater convenience can also be ordered on-line and delivered to your home or office (from Jan 2014)